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The Company

It all started as a family business back in 1991 when my father, Vangelis Velitzelos, created Sandalmania continuing his father’s legacy of sandals. In his workshop in Piraeus, he focused on creating handmade leather sandals combining great taste, fashion but most importantly comfort. 


Being only 15, I grew a huge passion about sandals. What fascinated me was how this specific type of shoe lifts up the spirit of every individual. Then, I decided to take things further by studying Footwear Design in Askardamykti Creative campus transforming my knowledge of creating shoes into a new era of “sandal mania”. 

My Vision

My major influences come from the Greek islands ,their colors and their traditionsOur vision is to provide the most comfortable yet stylish sandals ever made giving them a special touch of our country. 

Manufacturing Process

All the materials being used to create our sandals are coming from Greece. In Sandalmania we have a deep interest in supporting Greek businesses and we are proud to say that all our products are a 100% made in Greece.  

In doing so, we need three main components which is leather, rubber and of course, the sole. Before we start create our sandals, we design them on paper first.. Then we jump into production following new and traditional methods. The part we love the most in Sandalmania though, is testing. There is a special love we have in testing each sandal checking how it feels on our feet. The last phase is the coloring and the general unique touches and boom, we have our sandals ready for you to cherish.   


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